High-Dosage Tutoring

High-Frequency, High-Impact Tutoring

A research-based, intensive solution to help K–12 schools and districts accelerate learning for at-risk students

About High-Dosage Tutoring

High-frequency, high-impact tutoring is a data-supported method of helping students make significant, measurable academic gains. We're proud to offer high-dosage tutoring in Algebra I and Middle School Math, along with NEW offerings in Elementary Math and ELA, as well as Middle School ELA, available this fall.

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3 times/week frequency

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Small-group instruction
(up to 4 students)

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with regular feedback

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Tailored instruction aligned with state standards

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Curriculum-driven, with high-quality materials—ours or yours

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Consistent, relational learning

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Learn about our instructional design, teaching methodology, and more.

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HDT Video: The Hallmarks of High-Dosage Tutoring
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HDT Video: The GEMS of High-Dosage Tutoring
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HDT Video: High-Dosage Implementation Roadmap
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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

With an equitable MTSS, all students get the support services
they need to meet a wide range of needs.

High Dosage Support System

How It Works

High-impact tutoring enables teachers to refer students who need intensive subject support, and then receive Lesson Reports three times per week to chart learner achievements.

Available student data is evaluated

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Group of up to 4 students with similar needs is formed

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Group-specific scope and sequence are charted at launch and adapted throughout the tutorial

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Students meet with the same tutor during school hours, 3 times per week

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Tutor delivers tailored, interactive instruction and writes Lesson Reports after each session

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Students complete periodic formative assessments to promote independent practice, support progress monitoring, and deliver reportable results

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Teacher can monitor topics covered, attendance, and student progress through the Teacher Dashboard


Developed by experts at The Princeton Review® and Tutor.com, High-Dosage curricula are standards-aligned and content-rich. Below is a sample overview of key topic areas covered in the Algebra curriculum.

  • Review of core concepts
  • Solving equations and inequalities with variables
  • Sequences
  • Two-variable equations
  • Slope, linear equations
  • Systems of equations and inequalities
  • Graphing inequalities


What is the research behind high-dosage tutoring?

Though the efficacy of high-impact tutoring has been documented for some time, the approach became central to many school districts’ response to learning loss amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The California School Boards Association concluded in 2021 that the model “drastically improves learning” in the context of COVID-related learning loss, while a University of Chicago study of more than 5,000 Chicago Public Schools ninth- and tenth-graders found that the intervention resulted in an additional 2.5 years’ worth of math instruction within a single academic year and substantially narrowed the socioeconomic access and achievement gaps that had widened during the pandemic.

A 2021 meta-analysis conducted by the Annenberg Institute of studies from across the United States showed that tutoring could “meaningfully increase learning for a wide variety of K–12 students.” Similarly, a 2017 study that evaluated the efficacy several comparably complex interventions—tutoring, progress monitoring, cooperative learning, computer-assisted instruction, and mentoring—found that tutoring had the greatest impact in measurable learning outcomes among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

Does high-dosage tutoring take place online or in person?

High-impact tutoring is delivered online via LEO, our comprehensive proprietary academic support delivery platform. Research suggests that online delivery is just as effective as in-person sessions, and online delivery is often easier for students to schedule and participate in.

In which subject areas do you offer high-dosage tutoring?

High-Dosage Tutoring is available in Algebra I, Middle School Math, Elementary Math, Elementary ELA, and Middle School ELA.

How long do sessions last?

Each session will be 30–45 minutes in duration. Students will engage in sessions three or more times per week.

How many students get tutored at the same time?

A maximum of four students participate in high-impact tutoring with a single instructor.

What is the difference between high-impact tutoring and on-demand tutoring?

The critical difference is that high-impact tutoring is necessarily high-frequency (three times per week), subject-intensive (in a single area), curriculum-based, and pre-scheduled. In addition, high-impact tutoring is delivered to small groups of three or four students at once. On-demand tutoring, by contrast, is delivered as needed in a variety of subject areas, on a one-to-one basis.

Read more about the difference between high-impact and on-demand tutoring.

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