Work, Energy and Simple Machines

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Detailed description and diagrams of inclined planes.

Moments of inertia for various bodies

Hundreds of free games illustrating basic principles of physics.

String/pulley/incline problems: This site walks you thorough the derivation of several formulas for different types of problems incorporating strings, pulleys and inclines.

A very comprehensive (47 slides) PowerPoint tutorial that covers the relationship between work, simple machines and mechanical advantage. Includes easy to understand illustrations and explanations of the 6 simple machines and practice questions for comprehension.

A very good verbal/mathematical explanation of the Carnot Cycle.

This website provides not only an explanation of how the ballistic pendulum can be used to measure the speed of a bullet but also a calculator to check your work. It can be used to explain a similar assembly involving a spring instead of a pendulum as well. You simply substitute the equation for the potential energy of a spring for (M+m)gd -- the potential energy of the pendulum.


Need to study for Physics? Here are some questions to help you out!!!

Interactive Java applets that can be downloaded or run from the website. Graphics are excellent. Covers several less common topics, e.g. in heat and thermodynamics.

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