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I need help on two problems. The first one is " Rob is designing an outdoor billboard.The rectangular billboard is 16 feet by 48 feet. Using a scale of 5/8 in: 1 foot, what are the dimensions of Rob's design?" My question for the problem is how do I solve it? The second problem is " The scale ratio for two similar regular pentagons is 3:8. If l represents the measure of a side of the larger regular pentagon and s represents the measure of a side of the smaller regular pentagon, which is a scaling formula for this situation. My question for this problem is how do I find the formula?

This is sooooooo confusing, i have examples that we can work on.

Mr. Coogan is driving from Boston to Albany, New York, a distance of about 180 miles, at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. At this rate, how long will the drive take?

Provides two-way conversions for many common units of measure, both metric and standard.

Lists the commonly used metric system units, shows their relationships and gives examples, and provides conversion factors.

6th grade math knowledge map info

This site will help you convert from one measurement to another one. Lots of conversion to look at.

This site helps to explain the different types of tons and how to convert them.

Basic overview of supplementary angles

Basic tutorial about Reflex angles.

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