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This website has a great outline of cellular respiration listed in different sections. It doesn't really have many pictures or animations, but the information is set up in a non-intimidating way.

first and second year chemistry

This website explains how atoms work. There are pictures, movie clips and quizzes to take all about atoms.

Biology Midterm Exam

This PBS site has an excellent flash animation of the molecules involved in photosynthesis and how they travel from human to plant to atmosphere.

I admit this website is not well organized, BUT it has HILARIOUS pictures and diagrams of photosynthesis. The tree-hugger girl picture and its caption is uproarious. This site may help convince students the importance of photosynthesis when they complain how boring it is.

This website is clean and ad-free with short textbook modules on the different aspects of photosynthesis. It may be boring looking, but it gets straight to the point and has a self quiz at the end.

This website introduces the object that contains almost all of the mass in the universe, the atomic nucleus. Antimatter, beta rays, fission and fusion, the structure of the atomic nucleus, how elements on the earth were produced, how we use the nucleus in every day life, and the effects of radiation in the environment are among the topics.

An extensive online interactive resource for learning about various aspects of biology.

This website explains what nanoscience is, how it is used, and what it means for society. Learn how individual atoms and molecules are being manipulated to create tiny machines the size of human cells. Find out how nanoscience could change the design of many products, from car tires to vaccines to objects yet to be imagined

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