Organic Chemistry

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If you're taking organic chemistry at the high school or college level, we've found the free worksheets, study cards, and organic chem videos you need to build your skills. Try one today—they're completely free.
Let's talk. Why the absence of the inversion of configuration? [ File > ]

Printable flashcards (.pdf format) of general organic chemistry topics: nomenclature, functional groups, alkanes, polymerization

Basic Chem

8th Chemistry Vocab

# of carbons with corresponding names

Organic Chemistry

BIO205 - Ch 2 - Chemical Principles - RioSalado - AZ

Tips and tricks for how to predict reaction products on the AP chemistry exam. Covers double replacement, redox, organic, complex ion, and acid-base reactions.

Describes how to name simple alkanes by IUPAC nomenclature rules. Contains several interactive practice problems.

Chapter 6 - Standard Esthetics

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